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Sono Roberta, I am a qualified Italian tutor based in London.My experience and expertise lie in Arts administration, I have been working in a cultural setting for years and of liaising with commissioning bodies, artists, performers, musicians.
I am passionate about theatre, cinema, art, music, opera, travel.
I am passionate about Italian language and culture of course and I would love to share my culture with you!

As I said “It’s not only learning language but it’s also a deep understanding of the Italian culture”
My biggest goal is to let you enjoy the Italian beauty and culture in the most authentic and real way.

I organise a unique trip to Italy designed for small groups of Italian learners.
With this tour, you can discover the Real Italy with its contemporary traditions, lifestyle, and food. You will able to discover and experience not only the main touristic spots but mainly the places where Italians regularly go…
We will taste the food they cook and eat…
We will enjoy the beauty they enjoy daily…

It’s a full immersion experience in Italy, with tutors available 24/7
In fact, in addition to the traditional Italian classes (available on request) you have the chance to meet with Italians all the time, locals and friends and have a dinner with them, you will have the chance to get to know some Italian families, visit their house, practice your Italian with native speakers in a real everyday life.

I will invite friends and local people to participate in our activities like aperitivo or dinner, Italian native speakers are going to have a walk with us during our excursions.
I also want to offer the unique chance to have a dinner or lunch in an Italian house, we can see how they cook traditional food and then we can eat all together.

How could it get more Real than this?

So, have a look at the blog “R.italy”!
You can watch videos, read articles, and get information about the area “Tuscia” and the region Lazio, where we were recent.
Although neither the photos nor videos can get you the real beauty of the place!

We also offer tailored trips around Italy (north, south, islands) for Italian learners who want boost their Italian with a holiday in Italy. We organise different kinds of tailored trips including long weekends trips, trips for couples or small group with special interest ( Food, Opera, Arts, music…)
Are you passionate about theatre? Music?
Archaeological sites? Opera?
Cooking? Italian food and wine? Sea? Sail?
We can plan a very special trip tailored for you!

Email me!

We will organise a great experience for you!

We will organise a great experience for you!