Ciao! I’m Roberta Capotondi, I’m a qualified Italian teacher and language trips organiser.  I want to offer you the best experience to live like an Italian and improve your ability to speak fluently. This is not a school, it is a journey that allows you to experience the language in every moment of your staying, in real life, not in the classroom. Learning by living the language.

What I offer
trips for learners of the Italian language
trips for individuals and small groups (maximum 10 people)
experiences of daily life and interactions with locals
daily lessons, informal conversations, interactive activities
cookery classes,  traditional crafts courses
tastings of typical products with locals.
everyday excursions, city walks, nature walks
the chance to practice the language with the Italians
qualified tutors available at all time

Types of trips and experiences
✈️Trips organized for small groups of students with the same level of Italian.
✈️Tailored trips designed for individuals, families or small groups of friends with common interests.
✈️Full immersion for individuals with different needs (exam preparations, business, preparation for a new job opportunity in Italy, personalized programs for art, culture and Italian cuisine lovers, opera singers…)

📍I am based in Italy, in Rome. Trips are available in Rome and Tuscia area around all year.
🚩Every year new itineraries 
📌Trips are available on request throughout Italy, we can plan together a new trip depending on the needs and preferences. (Food festivals, music and opera festivals, harvest…)

Download the brochure 2019 and see the new trips!
Brochure 2019  

More about me

I am a fully qualified Italian teacher committed to educating adults on the Italian language as well on Italian culture. I hold a BA in Literature and MA in Theatre studies. I also earn a Master’s degree in Journalism and Communication.  My experience and expertise lie in Arts administration, I have been working in a cultural setting for years.  I am passionate about theatre, cinema, art, music, opera, travel. In 2015, I obtained the certificate “Glottodrama” Teaching foreign languages by Drama.

I lived in London for five years where I taught the Italian Language in schools and institutions ( University of Arts of London, International House, Italian Cultural Institute and others). I worked for City Lingual for four years where I gained experience to teach business Italian for professionals in many offices and banks. I recently moved to Italy, where now I am based. I travel to London where I still organise social events for Italian learners and workshops “Italian through drama” at the Italian Cultural Institute. I organise language trips to Italy for Italian learners in Tuscia and throughout Italy. 

Write to me any time: roberta@ritalyrealone.com

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