Italian through Drama & Cinema

Spring workshops at the Italian Cultural Institute in London organised by The Italian Language Services.

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If you are in London don’t miss the opportunity to boost your Italian in a different way.


March 2019

Sundays 24 & 31 (h 12 – 16.30)

Have you been studying Italian for a while but your mind gets blank when you speak? Do you still struggle with pronunciation? (double consonant; “gli” or how to roll the R). Drama is what you should try. It develops communicative skills in authentic and dynamic situations. It uses the language in context and makes it come to life. It helps to learn new words, builds confidence, improves pronunciation. During the lessons, we will be working with characters, body language, voice, intonation. We will use drama techniques employed by professional actors for memorizing vocabulary and expressions.  Even though grammatical analysis of the language is included, this is not a traditional class, as we will focus on building your self-confidence through different and dynamic activities and with lots of fun!  It is just a different way to learn, there is no need to have experience in drama. (Level of Italian: from B1).


March 2019

Sundays 10, 17 & 24  (h 13.30 – 16.30)

This short course is designed for intermediate and upper-intermediate students of Italian. The course is aimed at students who wish to expand their knowledge of Italian cinema while improving their speaking, reading and listening skills and by participating in discussions based on selected scenes. The course will help the student expand and deepen their knowledge of Italian language and culture. By watching short movies, extracts and discussing selected parts, the students will also develop a critical outlook and understanding of popular culture in Italian society. The teachers will use a communicative approach. All four skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing), will be practised, with emphasis on speaking. Students will also be offered guidance in self-study and be set optional homework tasks.

Info and enrollment: Italian Language Services at Italian Cultural Institute – 39 Belgrave Square London SW1X 8NX
email:  Tel. 020 78231887

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