The city of art in the province of Viterbo, one of the most beautiful landscapes of Tuscia

One of the most beautiful landscapes of Tuscia (the ancient southern Etruria) is that enjoyed from the medieval walls of Tuscania, city of art in the province of Viterbo, surrounded by a sweet and intact countryside, for the most part protected as a natural reserve. To begin learning about the town’s past, you can go to the National Tuscanese Museum that collects sarcophaguses in tuff and funeral objects found in the tombs of the most important families of Tuscania, between the IV and II centuries B.C. At the end of the nineteenth-century it was the habit to use the sarcophaguses found in the sepulchres in urban planning, and for this it’s not surprising that we find them in the central Piazza Basile, site of the town hall, and also in churches and historical buildings.

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What not to miss
Another pleasant place in Tuscania is Piazza Bastianini, dominated by the seventeenth-century Great fountain and Duomo. The two splendid churches of Saint Mary Major and Saint Peter, just outside of the walls, are must see.

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Tuscania received the “Orange flag”, seal of tourism and environmental quality
The town is distinguished for numerous interesting historical-cultural and archaeological attractions (ex. the Basilicas of Saint Peter and Saint Mary Major and the Archaeological Museum) and the good offering of accommodation and cuisine. Another distinctive element is the excellent homogeneity, harmony and upkeep of the historic centre and roads.  (from www.bestsmalltownsitaly.com.)

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