Experience your Italian!

It’s not just about learning the language but more about a deep understanding of Italian culture.

When you study a foreign language you should experience the culture and practice the language in a real context, in the everyday life.

The biggest goal of the this trip is let you enjoy the beauty and culture of Italy in the most authentic way possible. It’s a unique trip to Italy designed for small groups of Italian learners.

With the R.italy’s tour you can discover the Real Italy with its contemporary and ancient traditions, lifestyle, and food. You will be able to discover and experience not just the main touristic spots but also the places where Italians regularly go…
We will taste the food they cook and eat…
And enjoy the beauty they enjoy daily…

The trip is a full immersion experience in Italy, with tutors available 24/7

In fact, in addition to traditional Italian classes you will have the chance to meet with Italians, locals and friends, and you will have the chance to get to know some families, visit their house, practice your Italian with native speakers.

During the trip we will be surrounded by Italians! So you can practice your Italian all the time! We will invite friends and local people to participate in our activities such as aperitivo or dinner. Italian native speakers accompany us during our excursions.

I also want to offer the unique chance to dine in a Italian house, we will see how they cook traditional food and then eat all together.

How could it get more Real than this?

So, have a look at the next trip planned for May and find the special price for you!!
This blog “R.italy” is now aimed at the next trip to the Tuscia.
You can see all the information you need.
You can watch videos, read articles to get all information about the area and get an idea,
although, neither photos or videos, can show you the real beauty of the place and the meaning of what this experience could be!

for any enquiry email me here!

Don’t miss out this great experience!

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