Thermae and Spa

Natural privilege…
Wellness and relaxation with hot spring water and thermal mud.


The province of Viterbo is characterised by the presence of various thermal springs.
The most famous of these for its mythological and literary characteristics as well as its therapeutic properties is Bullicame which provides water to different open air swimming pools and spa.  The hyperthermal waters flow from the Bullicame spring in a large quantity and at a temperature of 58 °C and this spring also provides the water for a huge pool measuring over 2,000m2 found at the famous Terme dei Papi. These waters which differ in composition and application allow for a large number and variety of therapeutic uses.

This band of sulphurous-sulphate and alkaline thermal springs that cover over 12km were well known to the Etruscans; at its source, the water temperature is between 58° and 66° C, subsequently the Romans revelled in its therapeutic properties. The ruins of several Roman water-works and luxurious bath-houses can still be found today.

Bagnaccio is a thermal park with hot sulfur springs. It has 5 pools of hot spring water of different temperatures.

Spa of Popes in Viterbo are among the best equipped in the Lazio for a holiday dedicated to wellness and relaxation spa treatments perhaps with a beautiful spa session or a rejuvenating beauty treatment with thermal mud.

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