The cuisine of Tuscia

The geographic position of Tuscia puts its cuisine at the crossroads between the flavors of the Tuscan food, the roman gastronomy and the simplicity of the Umbrian cuisine.

The acquacotta is the dietetic master- piece among the single-dishes of Tuscia.
It is prepared with four main ingredi- ents: stale bread, wild greens especially chicory (together with potatoes, toma- toes and onion), wild pennyroyal wich gives the dishes the typical fragrance of our land, and virgin olive oil on serving. Stuffed with stockfish, the “Acquacotta” is maybe the ideal single-dish of our fa- mous Mediterranean Gastronomy.

The first courses are home-made pasta, with water and flour like the Lombrichelli and egg pasta such as the fettucine served with different sauces, the pappardelle with hare or mushroom sauce. The meats preferred for the second courses are fried rabbit and chicken; lamb cooked in the oven or barbecued;pork and the famous porchetta (spiced roast pork). However, Viterbo’s typical dish is the Pignataccia a stew made up of scrap and entrails of bovine and pork meat with vegetables (potatoes, celery, onion, etc) roasted in a terracotta sauce pan in the oven.

Lake Bolsena fish has a great importance in Tuscia’s cuisine such as the fried and tasty “lattarini”, the filets of perch, the withefish as well as the famous eels of Bolsena, mentioned in Dante’s Purgatory with reference to pope Martin IV.

The territory is also rich in local products whose quality is guaranteed by the brand Tuscia Viterbese awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and with other recognitions by the European community (D.O.P. and IGT).

Among these products, first place goes to olive oil (Canino and Tuscia dop) but there are other products of excellence:the cheeses (above all sheep cheese), the beef from Maremma area, the local rabbit (Leprino of Viterbo), the legumes (beans of Gradoli, lentils of Onano and the chickpeas of Valentano). Then the sweets: biscuits with anise, biscuits with wine and tozzetti, prepared with the Monti Cimini hazelnuts are presented at the end of every meal with the  local D.O.C. sweet wine (Aleatico from Gradoli).

Finally, there are the great wines of Tuscia which the most famous is “Est!Est!Est! from Montefiascone, but also the deli- cious wines “Vignanello”end “Colli etruschi”.

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